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"AI is the future of innovation and can help in every industry, including our IP services industry. It is a joy to participate in improving the future of IP."

Hon. Randall Rader

Senior IP Law Advisor

Former Chief Judge
United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

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Generate detailed description based on invention drawings.

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Eric DeChant

Founder, American Society of Legal Engineers (ASLE)

"This easily cut our prep/drafting time by 50% at least."

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... It's locally run on your machine so data stays completely private. No more wondering if your LLM vendor will adhere to their T&Cs.

But don't take my word for it, instead I'll relay the user testimonial I heard from a full-time patent practitioner that piqued my interest:

"I'm using this tool, and with a 10 GB downloaded model package and easy-to-use frontend I'm airgapped completely from data loss. It required a decent laptop to run but no problem there. I dropped my inventor disclosures in, made some tweaks, and out popped a set of independent and dependent claims, along with a detailed description. Sure, there were some adjustments I made to the dependency logic, but overall this easily cut our prep/drafting time by 50% at least."

I've been waiting for this evolution for a while now!

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Dr. Yue Shao

President at Buy Time Medical, Inc.

"Juriscriptor has been a game-changer for drafting patents in biotechnology / medical devices area."

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Juriscriptor substantially reduces my time in drafting patent descriptions. My estimation is that Juriscriptor can save 50% of the overall drafting time, or ~10 hours. Its ability to grasp my invention and pose perceptive questions is invaluable. The Large language model was running on my own pc, which is pretty cool. It ensures confidentiality for my inventions.

Xiaoguang Ma

Professor at University of Wisconsin

"Juriscriptor is more than just an automated template generator"

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The Large Language Models (LLM) used in Juriscriptor can actually understand context and technical details to draft applications tailored to each invention. It can run completely offline without an internet connection - this is great for inventors who want to securely discuss confidential ideas without sending data over the internet. Juriscriptor asks thoughtful questions to spur innovation and uncover non-obvious solutions. So it not only drafts applications faster, but can help inspire new directions for inventions. In my opinion, it could help to save 8-10 hours to prepare the material in patent application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Juriscriptor work?

Juriscriptor operates using air-gapped offline generative AI models, allowing it to run locally on your computer without accessing the internet. This unique approach ensures the utmost data privacy and security by keeping all client information offline.

What sets Juriscriptor apart from other AI-based patent drafting tools?

Unlike many existing tools that rely on internet connectivity and cloud-based systems, Juriscriptor operates entirely on local PCs, eliminating the need for an internet connection. This approach provides unparalleled data privacy and security, distinguishing Juriscriptor in the realm of AI-based patent drafting.

How responsive is Juriscriptor's customer support?

Our dedicated sales team provides round-the-clock online support via phone and email to address any queries or concerns you may have. We prioritize ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and endeavor to offer timely assistance to our valued users.

How does Juriscriptor address concerns about model retraining and client data privacy?

Juriscriptor tackles concerns about model retraining and client data privacy through enhanced transparency. It assures users of no-retraining of models and grants them full control over downloading and managing the models on their own PCs. Users can rest assured that there is no data leak between different writing sessions.

What are the pricing options for Juriscriptor?

We currently offer an early bird discount until June 2024. Additionally, we provide enterprise discounts for firm-level subscriptions. For further details on pricing and discounts, please reach out to us at [email protected] or schedule a demo with our team.

Is Juriscriptor compliant with ethical standards in the legal profession?

Juriscriptor adheres to ethical standards set forth by esteemed organizations such as the Florida Bar. It upholds client confidentiality and aligns with the ethical guidelines established for the legal profession.

How has Juriscriptor been received by the legal community since its launch?

Juriscriptor has garnered enthusiastic praise from IP attorneys since its introduction in January 2024. Its adeptness in enhancing efficiency while upholding data confidentiality has led to its widespread adoption among legal professionals, reflecting its positive reception within the legal community.

What is the significance of Florida Ethics Opinion 24-1 regarding AI use in the legal profession?

Florida Ethics Opinion 24-1 provides essential guidance on the ethical application of AI in legal practice, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding client confidentiality. Juriscriptor aligns seamlessly with these guidelines by prioritizing data confidentiality.

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